Who Attends & Why


The Maker Learning Network (formally iLEAD Schools Development) and iLEAD California team holds an annual Board Retreat, the last weekend of January every year to bring leaders together to connect, grow, and impact our thriving charter school network. We hope you will find this event to be well worth your time to learn about best practices and what our teams and your schools have been working on all year. We hope to see you virtually in January!

  • School Board Members
  • Non-Profit Organization Board Members
  • Potential Board Members
  • Charter School Authorizers
  • Charter School Directors and Staff
  • Maker Learning Network and iLEAD CA Staff
  • Prospective School Groups
  • Friends and Supporters of our Network

“It is so inspiring to be around so many people who believe the way I do about something I am so passionate about, education.”

“The retreat was very well organized with lots of meaningful activities. Everything was well-timed with reliable transportation, good topics and discussion in the breakout sessions, and provided a good opportunity for out of state boards to see the capacity of the organization and meet the team.”

“This was an excellent experience. I’m so glad I came.”

“The fire-side chat with Dawn and Amber was great! And the breakout sessions on Saturday were very informative.”

“I was really impressed by the retreat and all of that was offered.”

“I am so grateful for the experience to come together with like-minded life-long learners and leaders.”

“I was re-energized and revitalized after the day, and appreciated the communication and open honesty of all involved throughout the day. It was a wonderful experience!”

“As a result of the clarity that I received, I felt enabled to better lead and support my staff. the following week, we were able to hold a similar session in which our staff refocused and, I believe, has a greater level of dedication and buy-in.”

“It was a great event, fun, lighthearted, but still compelling and engaging to meet and get to know our partners in this amazing movement to change the face of education.”

“The day provided me with clarity of the various elements of the organization.”

“I think it was an excellent event and a great opportunity to get to know the stakeholders much better. It was the perfect mix of business networking and entertainment.”

“I was able to meet some new iLEAD stakeholders and also get to know a few people much better. I believe that it’s very important to get to know people beyond just seeing them at board meetings and school events. You get to know more about who they are and what they stand for.”